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Welcome to the Royal Dynasty Family!

You have taken the first step to becoming the next Miss Royal Dynasty!


We would like to welcome you into the Royal Dynasty Family. There are many benefits to being a part of this wonderful family.

As a delegate to the Royal Dynasty International Pageant July 16-18, 2014 you will receive many awesome things:

Special Offer............................................Once you sign up with you pay in full, you will receive in a few days, your state crown and sash. *Can you just see yourself getting your crown and sash in the mail? You open them up and they are beautiful. You immediately put them on and run to the mirror and Wow you are a State/Country Queen! You have a photoshoot scheduled so you can take pictures in your gown to share with the world on Facebook and you go out into the community and do great work as the State Queen. Your picture is in the paper and you are on the local news. The greatest thing is that little girls look up to you and want to be just like you! That's right! You are a queen heading to the International Pageant in Orlando Florida!

Not only that but...All of the winners get a 3 year contract with MMG Modeling and Talent Agency out of New York- Can you be the next great model?

*How about that you get professional lessons in either Acting, Singing or Modeling! Can you see yourself after you are finished get a modeling contract. How about an acting role? You will be the talk of the town. Everyone will want to be just like you!

Trip to Walt Disney World®..................You and your family get an opportunity to take a family vacation while at the pageant in the most magical place in the world Walt Disney World®

*Not only do you get to come to an awesome pageant but your family will be able to take their summer vacation at Walt Disney World! You will have so much fun and adventure with them! Don’t just take my word for it…….Check out what others have to say about the pageant at the end of this page.

Royal Dynasty Pageants is a family and we value every member of our family.

Many of you may have questions and I will try to answer them….

How much is the entry fee?

The non-refundable entry fee, which covers your participation in all events during the duration of the International Pageant is $550.00, which includes your embroidered banner, your State/Country Crown and entry into all events at the International/National Pageant and prizes. If you are unable to pay the whole fee at once, we offer a 2 month payment plan of $225.00. You will pay the $225.00 now and the other  payment in 30 days.  You will also be responsible to get sponsors to cover your $200 Program Book page and a $25 pageant t-shirt.

For this fee you get entry into all events, rehearsals from a professional choreographer, a great PJ party, photoshoot with a top photographer and prizes from our Sponsors

What are the areas of competition for Miss, Teen & Teenager?

There are four categories in the competition.

  • Interview................You will have a five minute interview with the judges in a panel style of judging
  • Fitness wear...............You will compete on stage in the Fitness wear of your choice. You are judged on your fitness and you are not compared to a set standard or each other. You are only judged on yourself. Fitness wear would be clothes that you would wear to the gym to work out in.
  • Onstage Question..You will be asked an age appropriate question onstage. This is done to see your personality not your ability to answer a question.
  • Evening Wear.........You will compete in an evening gown. The gown will be floor length no more than a 2 foot train when standing still. Age appropriate is important so make sure your gown is appropriate for your division.


What are the areas of competition for Princess, Little Princess & Tiny Princess?

There are four categories in the competition.

  • Interview..................You will have a one minute interview which each of the judges in a round robin style of judging
  • Funwear...................You will compete on stage in the Funwear of your choice. Funwear is a costume/outfit of choice that shows your personality. You can do a routine if you have one.
  • Onstage Question...You will be asked an age appropriate question onstage. This is done to see your personality not your ability to answer a question.
  • Formal Wear............You will compete in formal wear. For the Tiny and Little Princess you can wear a dress. Princess should wear a gown. The dress can be as fancy as you wish. Make sure that the dress compliments the delegate and does not overpower her.
  • *This is a natural pageant. We do not allow makeup on the Princess contestants


Are there optional competitions?

Yes we have four optional competitions Performance Talent, Supermodel, Spokesmodel and Actress competitions. The cost for each is $125.00. The winner will receive a sash. *For the Talent competition the contestant is responsible for all needed equipment and instruments.

Must I have experience to be a competitor?

Absolutely not, many of our participants are first-timers. We support new as well as seasoned competitors in their quest to be their best.

What are the hotel costs?

Our 2014 Pageant is going to provide you with an entirely new experience - unlike any other! We have secured a rate of $119.00 per night for you, your parents, family and friends. They can call (800)627-8258 and give the name of Royal Dynasty Pageants. There are a limited number of rooms at that rate so have your family and friends get theirs today. All queens and contestants are required to stay at the sponsor hotel.

Which airport do I fly into?

The most convenient airport for the 2014 International Pageant will be Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL. We do not cover Air or transportation. Please wear your banner when traveling and take lots of pictures.

Where is the final competition?

The final event will be held in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando FL

Where can my family and friends purchase tickets?

Tickets are available for all of the events for your family. Your entry fee covers your entry into all events but your parents, family and friends will need to purchase their tickets.

Do I need to buy the t-shirt?

Yes the t-shirt it is not included in your fee, but family and friends can purchase them as well.

How many Appearances am I expected to make?

That is up to you we ask that you do 10 but the more you do the more you are showcasing yourself as a Queen.

Do I need to bring gifts?

We ask you to bring a small gift for each of the delegates in your division only. It can be something that reminds them of your state or you personally. You are not required to bring a gift for the Director or her staff but if you wish to that is fine.

What are the requirements for the attire?

Once you have paid your deposit you will receive an email regarding attire requirements.

What does At Large Mean?

At large means that you are attending the international pageant on your own. That means that you cover all expenses. The pageant does not cover transportation or hotel, clothing or anything like that. What you get in exchange is the State Title, Crown, Sash and the opportunity to be the Royal Dynasty international title!

What if my State has a pageant?

We have several state pageants this year. Make sure you sign up for your state pageant. You will not be able to come at large if there is a state pageant. You will need to enter the state pageant and win to come to the International Pageant. You will enjoy being part of your state pageant and if you should win the state will pay your entry fee for you!


Where Do I Sign Up? Apply Here

See what others have to say about Royal Dynasty! Also check out our article in Pageantry Magazine

Taking the chance to compete for the title of Miss Royal Dynasty American 2012 was an experience unlike any other and I’m proud to say that I am a Royal Dynasty Queen. The week I spent in Florida representing the state of Texas was a learning experience and I’ve grown stronger as a person and pageant queen. It gave me confidence and I met so many wonderful ladies from across the United States and the world. I made memories and friends to last me a lifetime and I can’t wait to meet next year’s delegates. I know they will cherish the experience just as much as I did. It made me believe that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to work hard for your dreams. A small town girl can wear a national crown, that’s not impossible. But success isn’t defined by the crown that sits on your head, it’s believing in yourself and who you are, and that’s what Royal Dynasty has given me.

-Yesenia Yvette Guerrero
Miss Royal Dynasty American 2012

My experience with Miss Royal Dynasty Pageant has been incredible. Whether you are a pageant veteran or new to the pageant world it is an organization that makes you feel welcome and promotes camaraderie between titleholders as opposed to competition. Having been given the opportunity and honor to represent my homeland of Puerto Rico and later crowned Miss Royal Dynasty International 2012 has been an indescribable experience. During the international pageant I felt like I was part of a sisterhood where individuality is allowed to shine.

Angela Marie Overton
Miss Royal Dynasty International 2012

This is my first year in doing the Royal Dynasty Pageant in NJ and the International Pageant in Florida. I really enjoyed working with the people I met there. In the days we were together we became friends and some like my extended family. Miss Susan made sure everything ran on time, our practices, our optionals and our pageants. I really had a lot of fun participating in it. I was one of the lucky ones who won an International title. Emily, Johann and Yary were great role models for me. I am Miss Princess Royal Dynasty International. During the past few months I have met the Mayor of my town and had an interview with him on our town, a Councilman from Staten Island and discussed certain situations there. I enjoy volunteering at a local food pantry and am seeing how many people out there need help and don't have the money to get all the food they need. Being part of the pageant has really opened my eyes to new areas that I wasn't familiar with and I have met a lot of new people. Thank you Miss Susan for making me part of your extended family and for helping me achieve some of my goals and dreams.

Melissa Oakes

Miss Royal Dynasty International is such a family orientated pageant, I have been so lucky to take part in such a loving competition. A lot of pageants only think about the money involved “money makers” whereas Royal Dynasty truly do care for their contestants and make sure that the girls are enjoying themselves at all times.

Participating in Miss Teen Royal Dynasty International has been such a great experience, it was such a relaxing pageant and I felt like there was no pressure involved as it was all about having fun.

Being part of the Royal Dynasty family is truly amazing, not only do I have a wonderful director that supports me in every way, but also the rest of the team involved are also very wonderful and supportive.

Pageants may be a competition but it shouldn’t have to be all about that, it should be a fun experience that boosts confidence, brings different countries together, and gives you incredible opportunities. I have met so many kind girls in the competition all in which I still keep in contact with and feel that I have actually made friends for life.

Royal Dynasty was held in the heart of the Disney Resort which made the experience even more extraordinary. The resort was phenomenal it is truly an unforgettable experience one in which if I hadn’t won the international title I would have definitely come back and competed again.

To the girls that haven’t taken part in Royal dynasty, my words to you are “you are missing an amazing experience”.

Thank you Susan for putting together such an incredible family orientated pageant. Thank you for caring about us and making the experience so wonderful, we need more pageants like this.

Gabriela Gatehouse,
Miss Teen Royal Dynasty International

I like the Royal Dynasty Pageant because it was well organized. I enjoyed all the pageant practices because they were so much fun! The pajama party was fun too! I liked exchanging gifts with all the other contestants! I also enjoyed the photo shoot we had by the pool. It was a lot of fun! The actual pageant was so much fun. It was so exciting. But most of all, I really enjoyed meeting all of the contestants, queens, and staff. I met contestants from all over the world, including England, Brazil, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria! Everyone was so nice to me. It felt like I was part of a family! I made so many new friends! I really loved the Royal Dynasty Pageant!

Mahealani Sims-Tulba
Miss Hawaii Princess Royal Dynasty 2012
Miss Princess Royal Dynasty American 2012

I cannot say enough good things about the Royal Dynasty Pageant Organization!! Susan Pardee runs an extremely profession organization that makes you feel welcome and important. She responds quickly to emails and always make you feel like part of the Royal Dynasty Family!!

We competed in the Royal Dynasty International 2012 pageant, held at the Dolphin and Swan resort in Orlando, Florida. It was a 4 day event, and our daughter had so much fun! There was even a pajama party for the participants, where they exchanged gifts that represented their state! It was such a great experience! Our daughter still cherishes all the gifts she received from the girls in her age group! All of the girls that represented the organization from the previous year were such good role models for the younger girls! Susan runs an incredible organization that focuses on the girls. This pageant organization is about the total package, not just physical beauty. We had an amazing experience and our daughter was honored to win the title of National Miss Tiny Princess Royal Dynasty! We have had so much fun representing the organization at various events around the state of Florida! We take the title very seriously and enjoy being part of the Royal Dynasty Family!!!

Kelly Bancroft mother of Mackenzie Bancroft
Miss Tiny Princess Royal Dynasty American

Royal Dynasty pageant is one of a kind pageant. It's a pageant that is willing to help you in any way they can to make it a great experience.

I had the best time ever being in the pageant this summer at Orlando, Fl. I got to make new friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Between all the fun activities we participated in during the week and getting to know all the contestants from around the world. It has been the most exciting experience I will never forget.

Also, Royal Dynasty is so different from other pageants I have been in over the years because you are not just a number to them. Susan and her staff members made me feel special. They value you from the inside out and your inner beauty. Every young lady is treated equally and is part of the Royal Dynasty family from day one. I recommend this pageant to everyone that would like there daughter to be apart of a great family that actually cares about you as a person. So come join our family this July at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Fl.

2012 National Miss Royal Dynasty American JazlynIngold

I enjoy being apart of Royal Dynasty Pageants cause for the first time I was doing Royal Dynasty Pageants it seem as if I had known everyone all my life,it was such a friendly environment.I totally forgot that I was just meeting everyone for the first time.By Royal Dynasty Pageants being International I not only get to meet girls from different States I also gets to meet girls from different Countries I get to talk to them about their cultures and they learn about mine.Royal Dynasty Pageants give me this boost of Confidence and teaches me to not be afraid even if I made a mistake on stage.Other pageants scores would be deducted,or you would be laugh at.Royal Dynasty Pageants is the only Pageant that give you the opportunity to be in a movie and I thinks that is one reason that make them different from other pageants,the other reason is Royal Dynasty Pageants is the only pageant I know that you call and talk to the Directors and they are never too busy to hear what you have to say.If you are looking for a pageant that is friendly,kind, loving and understanding then Royal Dynasty pageants is the Pageant to choose.I am honored to representing Royal Dynasty Pageants,first I was a contestant and now I am your 2012 International Miss Little Princess Faith Juanita Jackson , I am 9 yrs. old.Thank you!We welcome you All!God Bless!

Royal Dynasty Pageants is different from other pageants I’ve entered. They keep in contact and answer any questions you may have quickly. Royal Dynasty is like a big family that really treats everyone fairly and shows concern about everyone who enters. The director even sent out an email to other contestants to pray for me and my mom when my dad died earlier this year. I cannot wait until next year’s pageants so that I can meet all the other contestants and crown the new winner!

Sincerely, Gabrielle Howard

I have had so much Fun as, Miss Teen Florida Royal Dynasty! Royal Dynasty is the pageant for the, Today's Girl.From spending time at Walt Disney World with my family, the P.J. party with all my sister queens, making friends, meeting new people, helping with various community service projects, appearances, & parades they will all be life long memories I will cherish forever. I was so Proud to represent the, State of Florida @ the Royal Dynasty Internationals. It was held at the beautiful Swan & Dolphin hotel in Walt Disney World, Florida. Girls from all over the World and from 18 states competed for Internationals, for the title. It was truly humbling and such an honor to win the National Miss Teen Royal Dynasty Title for 2012!

Thank You to Royal Dynasty for such an Amazing experience!
Miss Teen Florida Royal Dynasty & National Miss Teen Royal Dynasty,
Natalie Dubuc

As a pageant mom I was afraid to enter my daughter into an international pageant. We had only participated in local and state pageants before. When we first heard about Royal Dynasty we thought, wow this sounds like fun, but can we afford it and what is it all about. So after a quick response from the staff we decided to try it out. I wanted my daughter to have a positive experience and a chance to meet other people from around the world instead of attending a pageant with the same old crowd. Although there wasn't a state pageant held in Wyoming for them we had to apply for an at large title. And I will tell you as an at large contestant they welcomed my daughter and I with open arms and answered any questions we needed. The staff is great to work with and is truely there for anything. The pageant isn't just a plain pageant, it is actually a production number pageant where the girls get to participate in more than just a competition. It allows them to have fun while they are meeting new friends. Sometimes I think we get lost in the competition part that we don't take the time to truely get to know the other parents or girls. With all the fun activities Royal Dynasty holds it gives you a chance to get to know everyone. And let me tell you this was the best experience my daughter has ever had in the pageant world. People were fantastic, and the pageant was outstanding. And if you are wondering whether this is for you and your daughter or not, or wondering if it is worth the money and time? I will tell you it is!!! you truely get all you want out of a pageant. It is fair, fun, and a chance of a lifetime. If you are saying to yourself, well we are an at large contestant and wouldn't have a chance at winning.. You are wrong, my daughter was an at large from small state Wyoming and came away with the international title. So it is possible!! If you are willing to put in the time and take the advice given, you have just as good of a chance as anyone. So we want to thank Royal Dynasty and all those involved with the program, for giving me and my daughter memories to last forever!!!

Cassidy and Jordyn

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